Olivier Laude/Bio


Olivier Laude grew up a poor illiterate shepherd on the idyllic Island of Corsica, off the coast of France and Italy. Bathed in sunlight and mountain breezes his childhood was characterized by long walks through the chestnut forests, tending to his grandfather's flock, and feral pigs upon which he feasted regularly. In 1979, at the tender age of 15, and after a brief sojourn on the European sub-continent Olivier moved to the United States in search of better pastures and artistic freedom. After wandering the land for years he settled in San Francisco and contemplated a career in photography, even though his eyesight was poor and he didn't particularly enjoy the occult.

Meanwhile, he traveled the world and managed, at gun point, to convince numerous magazines to publish his work. Well known publications like The New York Times magazine, National Geographic Adventure and Time enjoyed his folksy ways and plain talking and along with Newsweek, US News and Fortune showered him with commissions, awards and high profile assignments which resulted in numerous assistants calling and offering their services.

In the meantime Olivier fathered two boys and permanently settled in San Francisco, comfortably nestled amongst the many trinkets and certificates of achievements he collected on his travels. His global empire of net properties (mexicanfoodmuseum.com, atlasmagazine.com and askjehovah.com) continue to flourish and charm millions around the world.

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